Re: Didache 12:5

From: Alex / Ali (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 07:36:41 EST

Bart D. Ehrman asked "What do you think of "Christmonger" for XRISTEMPOROS?
Too unusual? (the Greek too is a neologism) Will people get it?"

Bart's question and the various responses made for interesting reading when
I looked through my daily digest. As another suggestion, perhaps gloss as
'he is merely/dishonestly/fraudulently trading on Christ's name'. But I
don't think 'Christmonger' would be too unusual or obscure for those of us
over here in Australia. On the other hand, to my mind the immediate
resonance is with 'war-monger' which now seems rather cliched, and the
sound of 'fish-monger' and the like is somewhat archaic (as Maurice
O'Sullivan noted with regard to "ironmonger"); so I agree with Jeffrey
Gibson that it may not have as strong a pejorative tone as might be desired.

Alex Hopkins (Melbourne, Australia)

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