RE: Looking for a reference for N T word parsing.

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 07:00:59 EST

At 9:18 PM -0600 2/21/00, Bill Ross wrote:
>I went ahead and set up a mailing list just now on egroups:
>To subscribe, send an email to:
>It works like b-greek. You just send an email to
> and everyone on the list gets a copy.
>Here is the "blurb" describing it:
>A list for comparing notes on the helpfulness of reference books and
>software for Biblical languages, and to offer such tools for trade. This is
>to help someone who might have the following question: "What is a good book
>showing the parsing of all the verbs in the New Testament." Or perhaps
>answering the question "Where might I get such a text?" Or "Would anyone
>like to trade a first edition of ... for ...".

There is surely something to be said for the occasional re-invention of the
wheel. One of them is that it raises the question of the number of
list-subscriptions one person can reasonably manage while remaining
employed by a reputable wage-paying enterprise, educational or otherwise.
Perhaps we might establish a new event at the Olympic Games to test that
heroic feat! I say this after having seen announcements in the past two
days for three new groups that I might seriously have to consider
subscribing to, along with about fifteen more:
        How do I do the e-groups that I do?
        Let me count the Eudora mailboxes! ...

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