Fw: "In the beginning was the word" (Jn 1:1a)

From: Wayne Leman (wleman@mcn.net)
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 20:51:26 EST

Sorry for the late post, folks. I actually sent this to George much earlier,
but I'm still not used to having to hit Reply To All on this discussion list
so some of my replies have only gone to the individual, instead of the
entire list. I know Steven and others, probably, have already addressed some
of these points, but maybe there's a bit of something new here from my POV.


>George ended:
>>Of course, the rub is that even in English the term "word" does not always
>>signify a series of letters bounded by spaces on either side.
George, I'm having difficulty thinking of any natural usage of English,
other than in that subdialect of English called "theological language" (or
"church jargon") where "word" clearly means anything other a linguistic
unit, the smallest utterable portion of speech. Can you think of any example
sentences where English "word" would have any other meaning, and post a few
of them here?
> This is true in
>>every language. To prescriptively limit the use of "word" to a written
English "word" doesn't have to be limited to printed letters between blank
space. It can also be defined from spoken language, which, of course, for
every language is prior to written language. A "word" is the smallest
utterable unit of any language. One doesn't even need to be literate in a
language to have a sense of what a word is.
>>is to disable the language much as those who wish to impose a politically
>>correct understanding of the word "man" and substitute "person."
I don't think the comparison is the same. I have the sense that Steven and
others are simply trying to be as accurate as possible about what Greek
LOGOS means and there's a connection to the English word "word".
Well, that's wordy enough for me for now,
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