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From: Jason Hare (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 16:50:39 EST

Kirsopp Lake translates this phrase («SUGCAIRW EMAUTWi») as if it is
dependent on the next part («ELPIZWN SWQHNAI»): „I congratulate myself the
more (i.e., MALLON) in my hope of salvation.š (Loeb) Perhaps it is
because he saw how the Spirit was poured out on them and was amazed to
think that he had become part of such a body of people.

My 2Ę for you.

Jason Hare
Ozark Christian College

On 02/23/00, ""Wayne Leman" <>" wrote:
> Jim West responded to Bart:
> >
> >you seldom miss the point.
> >anyway- i differ a bit in my understanding of the compound verb here
> >(shocking!!!!!). i would translate with something like "i rejoice within
> >myself".
> But, but,...Jim, I don't think that's English. <g> Can you translate it all
> the way to English for us so that it makes sense in English? Then an English
> reader can understand what the Greek source text meant.
> BTW, this is one of my soapboxes. I'm currently proofreading (yet) another
> new English Bible version and it is full of (yea, replete with, and there is
> even a plethora of) syntactic "transliterations" from Greek which do not
> make sense in English. English is a good language, capable of expressing
> with its own lexicon and syntax the meaning of the biblical source texts.
> Wayne
> a translator
> editor
> lover of good English and Greek
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