Re: Baptism of Jesus -- rival claims

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 19:52:14 EST

Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote;

I have no idea where such a verse is found, but some have some have
identified SALIM in Jn 3:23 with a site east of the Jordan in the vicinity
of wadi Harar.
Some have also identified it with an area close to the head of the wadi Faria.

>Furthermore, on the opposite bank of
> the Jordan from Qasr al-Yahud, the Jordanians
> have been developing their own sacred baptism
> site. At a place known as Wadi Harar,
> approximately two kilometers east of the river, the
> remnants of an ancient church have been found.
> Jordanian tourism officials based themselves on a
> verse from the New Testament: "All this happened
> at the home of a poor woman on the other side of
> the Jordan, at the place where John the Baptist
> was." According to this verse, John the Baptist
> was east of the Jordan, and the Jordanian tourism
> minister managed to convince the pope to visit
> there.
>Anybody have a notion what verse the Jordanians are relying on?

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