Re: Mk 14:25 effect of variant OU MH PROSQW[MEN]

From: Jason Hare (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 19:03:46 EST

On 02/26/00, ""Tom Conry" <>" wrote:
> I'm having trouble understanding the intent of a variant in Mk
> 14:25. NA27 gives us OUKETI OU MH PIW, which I understand as
> simply I will definitely never drink . . . .

OUKETI does not mean "never" (PANTOTE), but "no longer." I will _no
longer_ drink... (OU MH has stronger force than I am giving here, but you
know that)

> D a d f read OU MH PROSQW PEIN (I will not add to drink?) and
> another variant reads OU MH PROSQWMEN PIEIN (We will not add to
> drink?).

The New Analytical Greek Lexicon says, "from the Hebrew, PROSTIQEMAI,
before an infinitive, and the participle PROSQEIS, before a finite verb,
denote _continuation_, or _repetition_, Luke 19:11; 20:11, 12; Acts 12:3."

The idea should be "I shall by no means continue to drink..." Is this good
enough? I hope so.

> Can anyone come up with an explanation as to why someone at one
> time might have preferred these readings? I'm not clear about
> the difference in rhetorical impact from NA27's reading.
> Thanks.

No problem. Difference: prior (chosen) reading translates: "I shall no
longer by any means drink..."; the latter (footnoted) reading translates:
"I shall by no means continue to drink..."

Hope this helps.

Jason Hare
Ozark Christian College

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