1 John 2:29; 3:7; 3:10

From: Brian Swedburg (brian@discoveryhills.org)
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 16:20:44 EST

Greetings B-Greekers,
    Fear not! I am not raising, for the umpteenth time, questions
concerning concerning sinners in this pericope.
    My question concerns the use of DIKAIOS and DIKAIOSUNHN. Louw and
Nida give "in accordance with what God requires" and "doing what God
requires" (744) respectively, for the meaning of these words.
    My question is "What do you take to be the standard of righteousness
which the author of the epistle has in mind?" I know that this is
wandering dangerously close to a theological discussion. Yet, I believe
that this is a question of semantics, and I believe that we can discuss
this without being dogmatic as well.
    So, I would appreciate your points of view if we can have this
discussion in gentle fashion. Thanks.

Brian P. Swedburg
Western Sem Student

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