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<x-flowed iso-8859-1>At 15:05 05/03/00, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>448. Reduplication in the Second Aorist.--ag┘ lead forms the second aorist
>═g-agon, ag-ag┘, ag-agoimi, ag-agein, middle ═g-agom═n. So also ═n-enka
>and ═n-enkon from pher┘.
>448 D. Hom. has many reduplicated second aorists, as pe-pithon from peith┘
>(pith-) persuade, keklom═n, ke-klomenos from kelomai command,
>le-lathesthai from lanthan┘ (lath-) escape the notice of, pe-phidesthai
>from pheidomai (phid-) spare, ═r-aron from ararisk┘ (ar-) join, ┘r-oron
>from ornu_mi arouse. The indicative forms may take the syllabic augment,
>as in e-pe-phradon from phraz┘ (phrad-) tell. From enipt┘ chide and eru_k┘
>check come ═ni_papon and eneni_pon, and ═ru_kakon.

Thanks, Carl. I was about to post my reply to Jason with those two
citations, plus a couple more, and the Perseus URL for Smyth in case he
wasn't aware of it

If you go to:
and enter "Smyth 549" in the SEARCH box, you will get:
[ unfortunately, at the moment you have to have the printed copy of Smyth
to hand to find the appropriate section because you cannot search on the
text itself just yet, only on the Smyth paragraph numbers ]

549. Verbs of the First Class (499) adding a
                     thematic vowel to the verbstem form the second
                     aorist (1) by reduplication (494), as ag┘ lead

Scroll back and you will find:

542 D. Mixed Aorists.--Hom. has some forms
                     of the first aorist with the thematic vowel (o/e) of
                     the second aorist; as axete, axesthe (ag┘ lead),


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