Re: Teaching Greek

Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 08:18:47 EST

Dear Tony:

Your ability to teach Greek all depends on your facility with the language.
Are you able to read the Greek text unaided by an interlinear? Can you
recognize verb forms and noun cases from sight, and can you accurately
describe their syntactical significance and how they properly should be
interpreted? If you can do that, then I would say you are ready to teach

However, it also depends on how deep you want to take people. If you are
merely wanting to instruct someone how to pronounce the letters when grouped
together to form words so they can simply recognize such words, then I would
say your proficiency in the language is not so imperative. On the other
hand, if you are wanting to teach people how to accurately interpret the
Greek language for teaching and ministering purposes, then you need to know
what you are talking about. It would be like teaching a ninth grade class
about anatomy, versus teaching a pre-med student about anatomy. The former
will not be a potential surgeon, whereas the latter will, and might even be
operating on me!

God bless you,

Justin T. Alfred

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