Re: EU or OU-topia?

From: Ben Crick (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 08:25:13 EST

On Wed 8 Mar 2000 (20:38:18 +1100), wrote:
> I have been reading the fascinating Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
> [Ryken, Wilhoit and Longman] and find that it implies that Utopia is
> derived from EU and TOPOS and not OU and TOPOS [as asserted by Shorter
> Oxford Dictionary ktl]. I would prefer it to be EU, but had read that it
> is not meant to be "good place" but "no place."

 Dear David,

 That was my understanding. Samuel Butler's "Erewhon" ("Nowhere" reversed)
 is OU TOPIA; Utopia is the ideal EU TOPIA or Shangri-la.

 My $0.02


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