RE: Accent Marks

From: Bill Ross (
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 07:59:46 EST

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The primary reason for learning them is to distinguish between a number of
words and their various grammatical forms. For example, it is the
difference between KRINW (present indicative without the circumflex: "I am
judging" or "I judge") and KRINW (future indicative with the circumflex over
the omega: "I will judge").

For my purposes, this is also one of the best reasons for ignoring them! I
mean it permits you to see for yourself which is the intended meaning,
rather than having to take someone else's interpetation - which is why we're
reading it in the Greek! In fact, there are examples in Romans where the
accepted punctuation speaks of a future judgement where I think it should be
read as present, since the stumbling of the jews over the Gospel is a
present reality, not a future one.

Bill Ross
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