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<< In Acts 13:1, EN ANTIOCEIA KATA THN OUSAN EKKLHSIAN: This seems like an
 way to express location of the church. I could not find any other examples
 in the New Testament of this use of KATA. Usually, KATA is used to express
 location distributively when there are several locations being considered,
 however this refers to a singular location. I did find this use of OUSA in
 Acts 11:22, with the preposition EN. Acts 13:1 uses EN, apparently to refer
 to the location of the prophets and teachers.

This could well be a distributive use of KATA. In Acts 20 we are told that
Paul called the PRESBUTEROI of the church of Ephesus to meet him (v. 17). He
then refers to them as EPISKOPOUS (v. 28). It would appear that the
monarchical episcopate had not yet arisen. There may have been more that one
instance of the church, both in Ephesus and in Antioch. This would make it
possible to have a church which is distributed throughout the city. This is
especially true in view of the fact that many of the early churches (all??)
were house churches.


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