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Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 12:16:05 EST

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> I cannot pinpoint to it, but I sort of remember that in LXX,
> AGAPAW is frequently used to express the love relationship
> between men and women, even the one that is quite selfish.
> If so, on what ground did you consider AGAPH as selfless love, self
> sacrificing
> love? >>

because thats how the NT uses it. The original question did not ask about
LXX usage- but about NT.

Words have usage- not meaning. Context is all important for determining
meaning. When the NT uses AGAPAW and its derivatives it is ALWAYS in the
sense of self giving love which requires and expects nothing in return.
That the LXX uses the word differntly is TOTALLY irrelevant to its NT usage.




Jim West, ThD

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