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Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 21:59:40 EST

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<div>At 10:50 AM +0800 3/20/00, Barry D. Murrell wrote:</div>
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<blockquote type="cite" cite><font size="-1">In doing my own research
into the meaning of AGAPAW and how it relates to the other words in
Greek which are translated &quot;love&quot;, I came to the conclusion
that AGAPAW is not centered on an warm emotional attachment (while
the others ARE emotionally motivated in one degree or another) it
always shows itself through actions of goodwill. It could be perhaps
best described as<b> doing what is best for someone
(even&nbsp;applied inward toward oneself in cases of selfishness)
regardless of how you feel about them</b>. The emphasis is upon the
action and not upon the emotion.</font></blockquote>
<div>I like this formulation. I might add that I've even felt that
AGAPAW might be expressed in relatively &quot;neutral&quot; terms
(without regard to feeling at all) as &quot;give preferential
treatment to.&quot;</div>

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