Re: A Little TC Help Needed

From: Jason Hare (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 22:28:53 EST

> Hi All:
> As I have been trying to teach myself NT Greek, I am also attempting to
> learn a little about textual criticism. Question: Why does UBS3 only
> give TOU QEOU, in 1 Cor. 2:14, a "C" rating? I would think that any
> text that can be found in p46, plus such a long list of witnesses,
> would rate higher than that.

NA27 keeps the TOU QEOU reading and gives evidence for the omission as:
1506 _pc_ sy(p); Ptol(Ir vid) Cl(pt). I would agree that this evidence is
not enough for the deletion. And the NA27 editors (with those of the UBS4)
agreed and kept the reading. I don't have a copy of the UBS3, but only of
the fourth and of NA27 (and the Wescott & Hort version and an older text).
I am not really able to comment on UBS3 readings. Hope that connects.

> Would anyone care to suggest some really good beginning texts for me to
> read? Also, is it possible to obtain an English translation of the
> introductory material in NA27. My German's not so good.

I think that Metzger's _Textual Commentary of the Greek New Testament_ may
be a little more advanced, but it is in simple terms. It is good and
examines all of the major passages and most of the important smaller ones.
In my copy of the NA27 (from the American Bible Society), the introduction
is in English. I don't have one in German.

> Many thanks.
> Ted

No problem.

Jason Hare
Ozark Christian College

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