Re: A Little TC Help Needed

From: Harold R. Holmyard III (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 11:53:47 EST

Dear Steve,
     Thank you for supplying the material on the reading TOU QEOU at 1 Cor
2:14 from Bruce Metzger's "A Textual Commentary on the Greek New
Testament." I am not trying to be picky, but the UBS GNT preface to the
first edition states that the critical apparatus is "restricted for the
most part to variant readings significant for translators or necessary for
the establishing of the text." It seems probable to me that the C reading
in UBS3 at 1 Cor 2:14 is given and discussed in an effort to establish the
text, because that is the issue that Metzger confronts in his comment on
the variants that you quote ("Although the
Committee seriously considered the possibility that the shorter reading be
the original text, . . . .").
     The UBS4 did not feel that it was necessary to include information
about variant readings at 1 Cor 2:14. Since the discussion originally had
centered around which was the original text, it seems likely that the
opinion of the editors grew stronger in favor of the majority of the
witnesses. They did not include variant readings because they felt that the
text was sufficiently established to bypass the issue in UBS4. At least,
since we are not certain of the editors' thinking, this is a reasonable
conclusion to draw from the available information.
                                                        Harold Holmyard

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