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James Crossley wrote:

> Does anyone know of any references for BDELUGMA aside from LXX, NT, & those
> given in Liddel and Scott? I've been checking various concordances and
> lexicons but so far not much luck.
> I would be extremely grateful for any response.

Using BDELUGM as my search term, I came up with these examples from the texts
contained in the TLG D disk.

Xenophon Hist.
  Mem 3.11.13.

Cratinus Comic.
  Fragmenta 251.1
  Fragmenta Hor.6a.1

Hippocrates Med. et Corpus
  De fistulis 1.7

Philo Judaeus Phil.
 Sac 51.1
 Sac 51.5
Philo Judaeus Phil.
  Migr 64.2
Philo Judaeus Phil.
  Heres 162.10
Philo Judaeus Phil.
  Fug 18.4

Barnabae Epistula
  Barnabae epistula 2.5.6

Ignatius Scr. Eccl.
 Epistulae interpolatae et epistulae suppositiciae

Pseudo-Lucianus Soph.
 Philopatr 26.20

Aelianus Soph.
 NA epi.1.42

Clemens Alexandrinus Theol.
Clemens Alexandrinus Theol.

Justinus Martyr Apol.
   Apologia 37.7.2
Justinus Martyr Apol.
   Dialogus cum Tryphone 119.2.2

Apocalypsis Joannis
Apocalypsis apocrypha Joannis 322.2

Josephus et Aseneth
Confessio et precatio Aseneth 7.1.3
Confessio et precatio Aseneth 8.7.2

Historia Alexandri Magni
Recensio lambda 53.9
Recensio lambda 73.7
Recensio lambda 3.12

Scholia in Aristophanem
Scholia in plutum sch plut.454.8


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