Re: Was: "a question from a novice"

From: Wayne Leman (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 00:38:18 EST

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Harold, I've heard something like this before, and it makes sense to me,
given the original situation. It makes more sense than trying to find a
meaning difference between AGAPAW and FILEW in that context, when we have no
certainty that one even exists. Our theological hypotheses should always be
based on the best possible evidence. In terms of how humans actually
function in situations like those of John 21, your hypothesis sounds very
plausible to me.


Wayne Leman
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>Dear Carlton, > It seems to me that in John 21:15-17 the variations between the two >Greek words for love could heighten the meaning along lines earlier offered >by Mike Sangrey, yet with a different set of details

<snip> > Yours truly, > Harold Holmyard

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