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"Joe A. Friberg" wrote:

> If someone who has access to TLG could send me some data to work with (if
> that is permissible), I might be able to undertake such a task...sometime!
> How large a corpus would it be to limit data to 1c. BC/AD?

Larger that you'd want to investigate, I suspect. Using AGAP and HGAP as
my search
terms on the D Disk for 1 BCE-1 CE, here's the statistics for who uses
the terms and
how often (doubtless the E Disk would show more) -- and remember, this
does not take
into account instances in the papyri or inscriptions:

Century: 1 B.C.
Philo Judaeus Phil.: 98
Diodorus Siculus Hist.: 39
Dionysius Halicarnassensis Rh: 65
Strabo Geogr.: 6
Sostratus Gramm.: 1
Matches in this century: 209

Century: A.D. 1
Plutarchus Biogr. et Phil.: 335
Novum Testamentum: 317
Flavius Arrianus Hist. et Phi: 8
Josephus Hist.: 85
Pseudo-Apollodorus Myth.: 5
Appianus Hist.: 18 Epictetus Phil.: 4
Dio Chrysostomus Soph.: 86
Dioscorides Pedanius Med.: 20
Pseudo-Dioscorides Med.: 1
Apollonius Soph.: 21
Barnabae Epistula: 22
Clemens Romanus Theol. et C: 194
Herennius Philo Hist. et Gram: 1
Ignatius Scr. Eccl.: 165
Polycarpus Scr. Eccl.: 8
Vitae Aesopi: 3

 Matches in this century: 1293
Total number of matches: 1502



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