Re: Did I say that? What I meant was ...

From: Wayne Leman (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 10:04:58 EST

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Carl said he typed in error:

>> I have left most of my adult life in the university ...
>The above may well be true, but I meant to say "I have LIVED most of my
>adult life in the university ..." How much I have left there is
>questionable at best.
>There are other errors in my last post too, but that one's a whopper.

Maybe it really wasn't an error, Carl. If everything you've ever learned you
learned in kindergarten, and if you have to become a little child to enter
the kingdom, maybe you have left most of your adult life in the university
and are now become wiser and more spiritual!! :)

Some people speak of entering our "second childhood". Maybe it is a stage of
life to look forward to. You know how Paul said it:

"When I became a second child, I put away adult things."


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