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>Dmitriy Reznik wrote [snipped]:
>> is to be translated as "[We preach] Messiah the power of God,
>> and the wisdom of God" or "Messiah as the power of Cod etc."

> Here, apparently, we have a textual witness for the fish being an early
>Christian symbol; however, I am not certain what to make of the fact
>that it is an ocean fish mentioned. Perhaps this is a separate tradition,
>from the coastal areas, rather than from Galilee?

>> I have a difficulty with this because there is no
>> article before "power" and "wisdom".

> All kidding aside: I am not certain that a positive choice can be made
>for either rendering. Whether DUNAMIN and SOFIAN are retained objects,
>or are the objects of an implied hOS ESTIN, it seems to me that the
>article would not be required.

Elsewhere, the expression "the Power" is a reference to God without
using the ineffable name. Also, "Wisdom" is personified in the Old
Testament and is what is sometimes regarded as the Hebrew version of
the Logos. The author may be making a Christological statement here
that the Power of God and the Wisdom of God are God. Just a quick

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