RE: 1Cor 1:24

From: Harold R. Holmyard III (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 11:36:41 EST

Dear Alan,
     Thank you for bringing in 1 Cor 1:30 to the discussion of 1 Cor 1:24.
Note that "wisdom" is clearly indefinite in 1:30. The subject of "wisdom"
arose in 1:17, where "wisdom" is also indefinite. These verses may bear on
how to translate QEOU SOFIAN in 1:24. Wisdom continues to be indefinite in
2:1, 4, 5, and in 2:5 "wisdom of men" is in contrast with "power of God,"
the same phrase as in 1:24 (word order reversed however: DUNAMIN QEOU
instead of QEOU DUNAMIN).
     You ask what sort of genitive is QEOU SOFIAN in 1:24. To me it seems a
genitive of source. This wisdom has its source in God, not in the world.
Whether or not QEOU SOFIAN is technically definite, I wonder what Paul's
emphasis was. The phrase can mean "wisdom which is from God," where it
would not emphasis definiteness so much as the substance wisdom and its

                                        Harold Holmyard

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