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>>Dear B-Greekers,

>>Recently I had a friend of mine tell me that our English word "church" came
>>from KURIAKOS. I looked it up in Perschbachers, and he has it translated as
>>"pertaining to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord's". So I suppose that
>>certainly makes sense, in that the church is the Lord's. But do we use the
>>word "church" because of KURIAKOS? (He also said "church" is related to the
>>German word, but I don't remember it.) I'd just never heard this before.

>The etymology from the Shorter Oxford may help:

>OE cir(i)ce, cyr(i)ce = OFris. szereke, szurka, tzierka, OS kirika, kerika
>(Du. kerk), OHG chirihha, kiricha (G Kirche), f. WGmc f. med.Gk kurikon for
>kuriakon use as n. (sc. doma house) of neut. of kuriakos pertaining to the
>Lord, f. kurios master, lord. C <<<

>By way of explanation, >>f. WGmc f. med.Gk << refers to WestGermanic and
>medieval Greek.

>And if you want to read a masterful survey of the entire history of Greek,
>and especially the progress from classical to medieval and beyond, I
>recommend :
>Geoffrey Horrocks, Greek: a History of the Language and its Speakers
>(Longman, 1997(

I think it should be noted that the Greek word ekklesia simply means a
gathering of people and, while traditionally translated "church" or
"belonging to the Lord," is sometimes more accurately translated
"assembly." I had a friend who was Dutch who once told me that
Kuriakos means "Sunday" in Dutch, presumably meaning "the Lord's Day."
I believe and welcome correction that SUNAGWGH synagogue is a synonym

>Hope this helps

>Maurice A. O'Sullivan [ Bray, Ireland ]

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