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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 06:47:35 EDT

At 4:02 AM -0500 5/3/00, Steven R. LoVullo wrote:
>For some reason, whenever I respond to a B-Greek post, I receive back an
>e-mail marked as undeliverable mail, though it seems that my e-mails are
>making it to the list, since I get one that is not marked undeliverable. In
>other words, I get two e-mails--one deliverable and the other not. Does
>anyone know what I am doing wrong?

As others may have wondered about this, perhaps a little explanation may help.

If you will look at these "undeliverable" messages carefully, I think you
will find that they do indicate WHERE or TO WHOM the message could not be
delivered. This has happened frequently to me and I can assure you that it
has probably happened to anyone who posts frequently to any list with a
sizable number of subscribers: there's often one subscriber who has been
away from his//her STMP mailbox for one reason or another just long enough
to have used up his/her quota of space--that is to say, with a mailbox too
stuffed for anything more to get in, and that's the point at which the
server spits out "undeliverable" notices and send them back, NOT to the
list server distributing them--although they may do that too--BUT to the
ORIGINAL SENDER. Actually I guess the message does go back to the list
server also and we have a control box at Lyris for B-Greek in every
subscriber's membership data file that we leave automatically ON for
everyone (including ourselves): Hold User? "Yes, put this member on hold if
they bounce too much mail."--that's not grammatically correct (but it
avoids choosing a masculine or feminine pronoun!), but it's clear. Mail is
"bounced" when it is either rejected by a subscriber's local server because
of a full mailbox or some other reason or also when, for some reason, the
local server is down temporarily. There may also be other reasons. This
thing happens to everybody sooner or later (if they live long enough or
retain an internet connection long enough). I've been un-subscribed to the
Classics list several times when my own local server was down more than 24
hours--and that wouldn't have happen if some "undeliverable" message hadn't
gone to the Classics serever--and just last week I got repeated
"undeliverable" messages when trying to get in touch with Jonathan (who had
a stuffed mailbox while his compputer was down for a few hours while he was
getting it repaired). The moral of all this is: YOU TOO will sooner or
later be the occasion of a "bounce notice" or "Undeliverable mail" notice
going out to others. The sun may rise every day (albeit it's hidden behind
clouds) and the Lord sends rain upon the just and the unjust, but so far as
I know, everything associated with humans in this sublunary realm is
subject to error.

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