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Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 12:07:37 EDT

on 05/04/00 9:42 AM, Edward Hobbs wrote:

> Terminology matter: "Baby Greek"
> "... A siminary I know calls koin greek baby greek."
> In a half-century of teaching Greek, I have never heard "Baby Greek" mean
> anything other than "beginning Greek," i.e., "the Greek course which one
> takes first, starting from scratch."


Just to give a different point on the time line, in 1975 "Baby Greek" was
the summer course offered at some divinity schools for which you received no
credit but prepared you to pass an entrance exam for admittance to
the M. Div. program.

I never took "Baby Greek" but the substance of the course at that time was
to commit Machen to memory. It was basically morphology morphology and more
morphology. It was a course that inspired intense hatred for the subject
matter in about 85% of the people who took it, since it was at that time NOT
an optional class for an M.Div or Th.M student.

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