RE: Rev. 14:10

From: Mark Armstrong (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 19:05:28 EDT

This is my first contribution to B-Greek and I look forward to some
interesting and stimulating discussion.

I am presently translating and exegeting chapters 14 in the Book of
Revelation. Rev. 14:10 contains an interesting genitive chain as stated


I am proposing that TOU QUMOU TOU QEOU be translated collectively as a
genitive of apposition as it clarifies the content of the metaphor, i.e.
the wine is the wine of God's fury (maybe epexegetical in force). Within
this construction is a noun that carries a verbal idea so TOU QEOU is
either a subjective or objective genitive. It seems that "God's anger at
us" is what is unambiguously intended, so I translated it as a subjective

Further, TOU KEKERASMENON AKRATOU could stand attributively with OIVOV,
qualifying the absolute strength of the wine of God's fury and thus drawing
the readers attention to the intensity of God's anger.

Is my assignment of the genitives with merit? Is there another way of
meritoriously looking at this genitive chain? Does it matter that OIVOV and
QUMOU are in the same case?

Pastor Mark Armstrong
Windsor Presbyterian Church (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
Master of Theology Candidate, Moore Theological College

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