Re: 1 John

From: Brian Sullivan (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 09:35:55 EDT

Greetings to all,

especially, Johnathon, Carl, Ted Clayton and Brian who were very kind in
expressing opinions as why 1 John is a good starting point to start reading
Biblical Greek.

I have studied Greek off and on since 1975 (I was 12), but have a minor
problem with rote learning due to a brain injury. B-Greek allows me to keep
Greek concepts constantly before me, since I do not have anyone to learn
with. This forum keeps me fresh, helping me overcome the fact that thing
are a little slower for me.

The point of my asking what stand out in your reading of 1 John, was to
find what makes this book special to you. What I may at first translate
without due consideration or thought, may be a masterpiece of literature
and of masterful revelation to you.

Your comments have given me ideas and motivation to 'keep on keeping on.'
So when I move onto another book expect a similar question!

Thankyou all,

Brian Sullivan

As pointed out in some replies, the greek text often allows for a number of

I have been reading a section of Greek daily for 'practice'

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