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From: Wayne Leman (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 15:33:25 EDT

>I for one would like to know more about what you call "divine omission,"

Ted, I just made up the term on the spot, to refer to the Jewish practice of
not uttering the name of G_d (YHWH), out of reverence for him. Although QEOS
(a word borrowed from Greek religious language, not Jewish) is freely used
in the text as a name for God in the NT, there are still remnants of Jewish
avoidance of saying or using God's name reflected in the NT. One good place
to look for this euphemistic avoidance is in direct quotes and monologues.

Referring to "heaven" is sometimes metonymy for reference to God in the NT.
Many scholars regard "Kingdom of heaven" as a (avoidance) euphemism for
"Kingdom of God", altho, of course, there are others who believe these two
terms have different semantic function.

Sometimes a substantive is used to refer to God, instead of saying his name,
e.g. The Almighty, or The Mighty One (HO DYNATOS, Luke 1:49).

Perhaps you or others on the list can come up with other examples.

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