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 Further evidence for this view can be found in similar commands found in the
 book of Sirach. In 19:17 the writer says, "Question your neighbor before you
 threaten him, and defer (DOS TOPON) to the Law of the Most High." Here the
 idea seems to be much the same as that of Rom 12:19: Don't take matters into
 your own hands, but defer to God and his duly instituted authority for
 redress." In 38:12 we read, "And give place (DOS TOPON) to the physician,
 for the Lord created him." Here again the idea seems to be to yield to those
 whom the Lord by his providence has established to take care of certain
 maladies. The first example is obviously closer to the matter of Rom 12:19,
 but the second carries much the same idea, which is yielding to other
 authorities for a solution to the problem, rather than taking matters into
 one's own hands. The idea is not to acquiesce to the abuse or malady
 (although for a Christian this may be necessary at times with regard to
 persecution), but to yield to God and those established by him for redress
 of the problem.

Thank you for finding this. I had not thought to include the apocrypha in my
search. It confirms that we are indeed dealing with an idiom which does not
require the addition of QEOU. Also, I like your translation of DOS TOPON as


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