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From: Joseph A. Weaks (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 00:26:02 EDT

<x-flowed>I think of two books.
The Attic Greek Grammar, Henry Crosby and John Schaeffer, _An
Introduction to Greek_, (Allyn & Bacon, 1928), gives English
derivatives in the chapter vocabulary lists. I learned Greek on this
grammar, which I still think is very good, and I remember finding
those derivatives extremely helpful. They do a brilliant job with
it; for example, the entry for PASCW has "Empathy" as a derivative,
which you see in the third principle part. I think (hope) some
colleges are still using the text, so should be easy to find.

Thomas Robinson, _Mastering Greek Vocabulary_, (Hendrickson
Publishers, 1990), is a typical vocabulary list book. The first
list, however, is about 250 words that are "Identical Greek/English
Words." (ARCITEKTWN=architect, ARWMA=aroma, ASTHR=star,
AUSTHROS=austere, k.t.l.)

Final thought,
At the University of Texas, where I began Greek in my undergrad,
there was a VERY popular elective on campus called "Latin and Greek
Elements of the English Language." I'm positive the course is still
there, and finding the syllabus for it would be great help. I might
check into that.

xaris soi,

> >Does anybody know of a book that gives Greek words and their
> >corresponding English derivatives?

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