Greek NT Punctuation Marks

Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 23:41:42 EDT

Greg Kilbrai asked about the punctuation marks in editions of the New
Testament. I do not remember what the origin is. (I may never had known.) I
remember reading in my first testament back in the late 70's the methods used
in selecting the punctuation for that edition (N-A). I recall Harold
Greenlee had much to do with it. (That is why I read it. It was rather dry.)
As to editions using English pundtuation. the edition I now use has English
punctuation. If that is what you desire, I use an edition called the
Majority Text published by Thomas Nelson in 1985.
It does not have as much textual information. I think the editors focused
primarily on the documents from Asia Minor and Greece (Byzantiun) and they
give information from the Alexandrian set only when the differences are
greatly significant

Dale Greenlee

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