Hodges-Farstad GNT Questions

From: Clifton D. Healy (xianphil@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 06:53:19 EDT

Let me begin by expressing that my intention here is
purely one of educating myself.

In two posts on punctuation, mention has been made of
the Hodges-Farstad edition of the GNT. I have a copy
of the second edition. Has there been any editions
subsequent to that one?

Also, although I am aware that the HF edition
organizes its texts around a particular grouping of
MSS, I am not clear as to some of the reasons for
this. (I either have missed the point of their
prefatory material, or something.)

More to the point, can anyone assist me with the
merits of their volume? I use the NA27 exclusively,
but have HF in my library, and have held on to it
through the years, though I don't use it. Is there a
major difference between the two? (Despite my three
years of Greek, this was something I missed--no
reflection on my professor.)

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