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From: Rodney J. Decker (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 08:41:43 EDT

<x-flowed>I gather that the "standard edition" of Vaticanus ('B') is:

*The Holy Bible: The Vatican Greek Codex 1209 (Codex B) Facsimile
Reproduction...,* Conart & Martini, eds. (Vatican City: Vatican, 1965).

(I pulled that reference from the article on B in the new issue of NovT.)
Our library has an old facsimile edition (1868, ed. Vercellone & Cozza),
but it is the typeset edition using type cut to resemble the scribe of B.

Does anyone know if the newer one is still available, either new or used? I
haven't been able to find it listed in several major seminary libraries
where I thought I would (e.g., Princeton), but perhaps it's not listed by
the title I've given above? Nor have I found it in any used book web searches.


(Yes, I know this would be better suited for the txt crit list, but I'm not
subscribed there.)

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