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Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 15:55:14 EDT


You wrote:

* the pluperfect often implies repeated or on-going action that spanned
some time, not some "point" in eternity past. Hence, this might imply that
these saints had, prior to the current time, but **spanning a period of
time** in the past, been devoting themselves to eternal life.

Can you site NT examples of this usage of the pluperfect?

Of course HSAN is imperfect and TETAGMENOI is perfect, which
together "generally" depict a pluperfect aspect. Obviously, neither
is in the pluperfect per se.

If you do site examples, I would be most interested in seeing
both. That is, a pluperfect verbal with pluperfect form, as well
as "pluperfect" verbals as to function (not form, as Acts 13:48).

Thank you,

B.J. Williamson

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