Phil. 3:8 PANTA, object of DIA, and GNWSEUS

From: Emory Pitts (
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 17:00:43 EDT

I tried to seach the Archives for this verse but
was unsuccessful. If this has been commented on
before, I apologize and will try to figure out
how to search the archives better.

I have a three-part question.


Per Alford, PANTA should not be translated
"all things," since it is not in the
emphatic position (i.e. before HGOUMAI).

"I continue to esteem them all..." (Alford).

My question is to what does "all" refer?

A. "all" the things Paul (Saul) accomplished in the flesh
while in Judaism?
B. "all" ??


What is the object of the prepostion?

A. TO UPERECON (participle?)


It seems that this refers to far more than just
the gospel. But if Paul is saying he counts
as loss all (the things done in the flesh), it
would seem that he would naturally be referring
to his conversion experience.

Hope this is not too long.

Repectfully yours,

Mark Wilson
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