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From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 13:21:52 EDT

Carl, you'll probably have trouble figuring out why I'm writing until
you get toward the end of the message. Skim quickly, then come back as

I see in a B-Greek digest that David Roe kindly quoted my software
review and mentioned its availability via email. For some reason, for
the past several months the auto-reply function in my email software
has been non-functional. I haven't had need enough for that function
to contact the Info Tech department to resolve the problem, and it
still is not working. Requests for the review are still welcome, but
they won't receive an immediate reply. In fact, I will be away
preaching for a few days, and I may not get back to my email until
toward the end of the week.

I didn't want to post this to the list for two reasons: 1) to avoid
troubling those who have seen more than enough offers of this review
already, and 2) to avoid generating more email for myself that would
require manual replies.

I did, however, want to leave a word of explanation in case further
inquiries arise on the list from any who may try and fail to get the
review. If any such inquiries arise, could you be so kind as to state
simply that my email reply isn't working correctly, I'm out of town
for a few days, and that I'll get the reviews out as soon as

If for any reason you cannot or care not to do this, that's OK; I can
manage my own affairs adequately, if not ideally. As I said, I just
wanted to leave a little information somewhere accessible without
troubling the whole list with it.

I probably will leave the office before you have any chance to reply,
so don't trouble yourself that way. I rather suspect that no traffic
on this topic will reach the list anyway. (I did, however, have two
requests waiting for me when I stepped in just now.)

Blessings! (Acts 3:26)


P.S. The preaching is in Swannanoa. I could probably make time for a
lunch if you're back in the mountains, but it seems to me that I
remember your schedule not getting you here until sometime in June. If
you're here, though, I'd enjoy at least a brief visit if the schedules
can work out. (828) 686-5794 is the home of the Pastor. I won't be
there much, but you could leave a number there for me to call.

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