From: Blahoslav Cicel (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 02:56:26 EDT

> every time
> I read . . . ESQIOUSIN TOUS ARTOUS (Mark 7:2 ) I want to stop and ask:

In German it stays "Und da sie sahen etliche seiner Jünger mit gemeinen (das
ist ungewaschenen) Händen **das** Brot essen, tadelten sie es. (LUT)"
(stress added; Schlachter doesn't know the Vaticanus :-) The German use the
definite article and don't ask TINA ARTOUS. Sometimes they use the definite
article in a diiferent way than English.

The grammar I use * states two examples of the use of the definite article:
1. hO ANQRWPOS PANOURGOS ESTIN - the man (=that one) is able to do whatever
2. hO ANQRWPOS QNHTOS ESTIN - the man (=the mankind) is submitted to death
(everybody will die)

May the example 2 be used here? The bread is the representative of the food
they eat?


* Niederle, Niederle, Varcl: Mluvnice reckeho jazyka, Praha 1991 (reprint
from 1956)

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