From: Daniel Riaņo (
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 13:42:52 EDT

<x-flowed>Clayton Stirling Bartholomew wrote:
> > every time
>> I read . . . ESQIOUSIN TOUS ARTOUS (Mark 7:2 ) I want to stop and ask:

        Good question. Lagrange says that "ici Mc. vise les pains
qu'on servait". To my view is just the opposite, a generic, non
referential use of TOU\S A)/RTOUS. Spanish has here the same
alternative for using the article "que comen el pan/pan con las
manos" (cf. Hdt.3.22.3 OI( DE\ SITE/ESQAI ME\N TO\N A)/RTON EI)/PON
although not a so-close paralell, since this is clear generic non
referential; here in Spanish the article is *necessary*).
Daniel Riaņo Rufilanchas
Madrid, Espaņa

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