RE: translation: Glossing, Domains, and Arguments

Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 01:10:03 EDT

I'm not sure where this line is going, but I noticed the last few comments
came from teachers of the language, and mentioned preachers of the language.

Well, I sometimes preach, and more often teach Bible classes, though in the
last 3 years not as often as I wish. I do use the Greek in preparation and
sometimes in the presentation. I restrict my public use of Greek to only
that which helps make the lesson more clear, or more rememberable. (Is that a
word?) I have heard too many preachers who, it seems, use the Greek to show
off their degree. I get very little from them. I would rather use it just a
little and have the listeners get closer to God and leave me out of it.

I hope that more future teachers could see the purpose of the use of Greek
from the student's perspective. It does not help them to use a language they
know very little of in a way they cannot understand. It is better to explain
in ways the can get their minds around so that God's thoughts can become a
part of their lives. I guess that requires that the teacher know his
audience as well as he knows his subject.

Just a few thoughts. Thanks for letting me ramble.

Dale Greenlee

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