Re: another virus at large- take seriously

From: David McKay (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 21:25:54 EDT

> Jim,
> If you will go to ---Start---Settings---Control Panel---Add/Remove
> Programs---Windows Setup---Accessories and then Uncheck "Windows Scripting
> Host" you will not be vulnerable to VBS macros.
> This change will not allow Visual Basic Scripting macros to run from
> attachments.
Thank you for this Gaylen. Very timely advice. I had my very first virus [a
worm called WScript/kak.worm] the other evening. And I had not clicked on
any attachments, but one poster to one list keeps sending posts which have a
paper clip attachment symbol, without any apparent attachment.

I think that's where the worm came from.

What is the Windows Scripting Host supposed to do, apart from spreading
David McKay

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