Re: Canon tables

From: David McKay (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 09:39:06 EDT

> A short while back we had a discussion on Eusebeian canon tables. It
> should have been mentioned at that point, that a highly decorated set of
> canon tables could be looked at in facsimile and reproductions of the
> Book of Kells or the Lindisfarne Gospels. Although these are both Latin
> manuscripts (and Irish), I don't know of a set of Greek tables so
> readily available on the public market. Anyway, thought I would mention
> this afterthought.
> Larry Swain
Any Aussies on the list who haven't already heard, might be interested to
know that the Book of Kells is featured on ABC TV on Sunday night at 9.50 PM

And of course the book itself is currently being exhibited *in Canberra*
[please read last phrase with a Peter Harvey accent].

David McKay

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