From: Don Myers (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 01:07:14 EDT

  I have the Everyman's Greek and Hebrew book by Ed Goodrick which I got at That is in reply to Michaels question of trying to locate it. I
just got it.

 Michael referred to a second semester book printed by University of Chicago
Press on translating the Gospel of John. I would like to know more
information so that I may obtain a copy.

   I am curious with regards to recomended literary works that can be used
to further my learning of greek if anyone has some input.

  I was also wanting see if members of the list had any input on:

   Greek Grammer by Mounce

    New Testament Greek by Eric G. Jay (A Introductory Grammer)

  Finally recomendations for College level independant study courses. Is
there a institution that memebers would recomend a distance learning study
program in Greek?

    Don Myers

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