re: translation: Glossings, domains, and Arguments

Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 01:34:31 EDT

I like the thought that the best place for careful inspection of the original
language is in a Bible Study setting. The downside is that many good
students will get lost if the discussion becomes too technical, or
"personal". I would like to be able to see it though. In fact I prefer the
"study" environment to the "preaching" environment because of the ability to
better ( and quicker) asses the students' grasp of the concepts.

One of the difficulties we have in making this happen on a greater scale is
that it seems most American Christians are not truely interested in what the
Bible really says, and will avoid a class where such in depth study occurs.
They desire, it seems, only enough knowledge to make them feel comfortable.

I would like to seek out those in my community who might be of a similar mind
to study at least in part from the Greek, even if takes some time for some to
get aclimated to the language. I would prefer students in such a group of
all levels. This is something I may pray about and perhaps discuss with some
close freinds. ( there are in my church I think 6 or seven who know Greek
besides the pastor)

I saw a suggestion ( think in this thread) of a Greek weekend where only
Greek would be permitted. Sign me up!

Dale Greenlee

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