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Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 13:36:26 EDT

>English publishers (like German and Greek) used a special "final form"
>for s/sigma. (Of course, maybe the publisher is German.) The
>initial and medial form, as in German, looks like an "f" without the
>crossbar, or with only the left half of the crossbar...

I suspected as much, but didn't know how to distinguish this "s" from an
"f." Your typographical clues make the difference clear--so I've learned
something useful from my post, even if I still don't know what I've got!

>The text you have given looks like the second page in the front of the
>book,the dedication page. I suspect the title-page has disappeared. You'll
>have to read a little further to find out what the book is about, which may
>give you a clue as to what it is.

At the moment all I have is a photocopy of the first page; I'll try to get
back this next week and probe a bit more extensively. Other than the text
that I gave before (which I've left below in *corrected* form)--al of which
was centered in a mix of italics, caps, and lower case, there is only a
paragraph of Latin text on the page below--which I'll add at the end here.

>Magnificis, Amplissimis, Consultissimisque
>Florentissimae ac celeberrimae MIDDELBUR-
>GENSIUM Reip. Consuli primario:
>D.D. delegatis & Consiliariis Illustr.Ordinum ZE-
>LANDIAE a Consiliis & Secretis:

The text on the page I have reads as follows (begins with Q drop cap):

         Quos alii anxie quaerunt deligendos
         sibi alicujus operis Patronos, qui
         saepe nihil minus quam ejus tutelam
         queunt suscipere, ea cura nos ne tan-
         tillum quidem sollicitos habuit. Vix
         reperias in requapiam aliquid lauda-
         bile, cujus indicia sese forinfecus non
prodant. Oculi vigiles, latera firma, nullo negotio vi-
rum strenuum faciunt dignoscere. Circumspricienti-
bus etiam nobis, quibus potissimum hos labores no-
stros, sacro operi Novi Foederis impensos, inscribe-
remus, vos ultro occurristis, ~Amplissimi Domine~, quibus
illud & ab eminentia propositi Operis, & a nobis prae
                                         * 2 caeteris



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