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Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 07:17:31 EDT

Hello Peter,

I don't know if this will help you or not. The following are the only
other places where I was able to find the feminine form of PRESBUTEROS.

61 kai; mnhsqhvsh/ th;n oJdovn sou kai; ejxatimwqhvsh/ ejn tw'/
ajnalabei'n se ta;" ajdelfav" sou ta;" presbutevra" sou su;n tai'"
newtevrai" sou, kai; dwvsw aujtav" soi eij" oijkodomh;n kai; oujk ejk
diaqhvkh" sou. Ezekiel 16:61
Septuaginta, (Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft Stuttgart) 1979.

The personified church is called livan presbutevra very old, Hermas
Vision 3, 10, 3; cf. 3, 11, 2. She appears as hJ pr. the elderly woman,
Hermas Vision 2, 1, 3; 3, 1, 2; 3, 10, 6; 9 and has ta;" trivca"
presbutevra" the hair of an old woman v 3, 10, 4; 5; 3, 12, 1.
Bauer, Walter, Gingrich, F. Wilbur, and Danker, Frederick W., A
Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian
Literature, (Chicago: University of Chicago Press) 1979.

 John E Montanez-Lopez

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