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Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 22:20:28 EDT

<x-flowed>At 11:07 PM 5/26/00 -0600, Don Myers wrote:

> I have the Everyman's Greek and Hebrew book by Ed Goodrick which I got at
> That is in reply to Michaels question of trying to locate it. I
>just got it.

I thought that Everyman's Greek glossed over a lot of important things, but
was quite approachable.

> Michael referred to a second semester book printed by University of Chicago
>Press on translating the Gospel of John. I would like to know more
>information so that I may obtain a copy.

I don't know which book you mean. There is one on First John that has
received interesting reviews:

This is by S.M.Baugh, who seems to have wonderful things to say when he
posts here, and has written some extremely interesting articles. Based on
other things he has written, I get the impression he really knows how to
teach. Alas, I haven't actually looked at this book...

> I am curious with regards to recomended literary works that can be used
>to further my learning of greek if anyone has some input.

See for my list of resources for beginners.

> I was also wanting see if members of the list had any input on:
> Greek Grammer by Mounce

Quite usable, and there are a bunch of related works such as a graded
reader and a workbook. This is the most used grammar in evangelical
seminaries. Not everything he says is true, and this is particularly
problematic with the introductions to the chapters, which sometimes
strongly imply that the Greek carries meanings that I don't personally see
in those passages.

> New Testament Greek by Eric G. Jay (A Introductory Grammer)

Don't know this one.

If you are an abstract thinker, A.K.M. Adam's grammar gives clear, concise,
and true explanations of what the various grammatical forms mean. I might
combine that with a text that gives more concrete explanations, or use it
as a corrective to Mounce. It's always a good idea to get a second opinion

> Finally recomendations for College level independant study courses. Is
>there a institution that members would recomend a distance learning study
>program in Greek?

Sorry, I don't know what to recommend here.


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