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<< List-members are urged please to remember that B-Greek's focus is upon the
 Greek text (particulartext or texts rather than generally) and the Greek
 language of the Bible and related Greek literature--NOT upon ecclesiology
 or the general issue of the functionof women in the church. Thanks. >>

For those who might be interested, I manage a list on egroups called
Greektheology, which attempts to mix what B-Greek does with what theology
lists do. That is, we look at the Greek of the Bible and try to plumb and
discuss the possible theological implications of the Greek text. Right now we
have about sixty members. I am going to limit the list for now to 100
members. So if any want to sign up, please visit GT at the egroups website.
But please look at some of the discussions first to see if the list might
appeal to you BEFORE you subscribe.


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