Re: New International Greek Testament Commentary

From: Cal Redmond (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 08:22:21 EDT

In general, this is one of the better commentary series available today.
(Of course, different people have different perspectives on what makes a
good commentary.) The volumes I have used from this series are
evangelical in orientation, scholarly and useful. Like all series, some
volumes are stronger than others. The Marshall commentary on Luke I
beleive was the first in the set, and would now be a bit dated (from the
early 80''s, I believe). The Ellingworth commentary on Hebrews is a
strong volume; I found it very useful. I am not familiar with the
Revelation volume. It has been a few years since I used the Pastoral
volume. My experience is that there have not been many good
coomentaries in English on the Pastorals, and this is one of the better

Cal Redmond, Ph. D.
Professor of New Testament - Designate
The International School of Theology-Asia, Manila, The Philippines

You wrote:
"What do you think about this series and about individual titles in
particular? I am in Germany and have so far not seen any.
I am especially interested in

Gospel of Luke by I. Howard Marshall
The Pastoral Epistles by George W. Knight
The Epistle to the Hebrews by Paul Ellingworth
The Book of Revelation by G. K. Beale"

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