Re: Three days and three nights

From: B.J. Williamson (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 11:11:54 EDT

Bill wrote:

>However, their interpretation, in my view, is an issue of
>semantics rather than grammar. So this question would appear to be of
>little interest to the purpose of the B-Greek list.


I would humbly disent from this opinion if I understand
it correctly.

One can not disassociate grammar from semantics other than by
their respective definitions found in any dictionary.

Which words and in what form they are used (grammar),
and what they together mean at that time (semantics),
can not be disected into distinct and unrelated units.
Indeed, grammar necessitates semantics.

Hence, one can not "translate" the phrase "three days and three nights"
without conveying a meaning. This is why I argue that in the
translation process, if the original phrase is ambiguous, the translator
must retain that ambiguity in his or her translation into
the target language.

Grammar and semantics can not be rationally separated.
But this is too obvious, so I will assume I misunderstood
the semantics of your grammar :o )

My thoughts,

B. J. Williamson

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