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Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 14:52:11 EDT

on 05/30/00 12:43 AM, Wieland Willker wrote:

> Gospel of Luke by I. Howard Marshall
> The Pastoral Epistles by George W. Knight
> The Epistle to the Hebrews by Paul Ellingworth
> The Book of Revelation by G. K. Beale
> How is the discussion of "the Greek text" done?


I did a little more looking at these books this morning to see if my
precious comments were too harsh.

> The Pastoral Epistles by George W. Knight

Knight does make frequent comments on syntax where there is some issue at
stake. However, most of his comments on NT Greek tend to be answering
questions of the form "what does this word mean." Since we all own lexicons,
I don't get too excited about comments which just duplicate what the
lexicons tell me. I think his comments on syntax are frequent enough to say
that you will get some significant assistance in understanding the the Greek

> The Epistle to the Hebrews by Paul Ellingworth

I took another look at this book. You can purchase this book with complete
confidence. It is a "keeper."

> The Book of Revelation by G. K. Beale
Beale spends a lot of his time talking about issues of a historical,
literary and cultural nature. This is good! We need this information. He
seems to forget at times that he is supposed to be writing on the Greek
text. He will cite the Greek text and then translate it into English and
then proceed to talk about the English translation. I consider this a
weakness in a commentary that is purported to be on the Greek Text of the

> The series in General

On the series in general, I suspect that the publisher and general editor
probably had something to say about the use of Greek and English in this
series. My point of comparison for making my previous comments was older
works like Sandy & Hedlam (Romans, ICC) where the assumption is that the
reader is competent in NT Greek. In the NIGTC series this assumption is not
made. These are written for people who still want to use English for the
exposition, since all the Greek is translated and in numerous cases the
discussion is done from the translation itself not from the Greek.


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